Let’s design your dream home!!

Open For Business, and ready for your call!

Let’s make your house a HOME: something new (or vintage?!) and happy that makes you peaceful to be in; instead of anxious to let others inside of!!!

There are so many ideas about what a “perfect” home should look like. We have all heard the longing of the white picket fence with the wrap around porch- have we not?! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that = that simply isn’t everyone’s dream house! Classy Designs understands that, beyond that- we love that!!! Variety and individuality is part of what makes this America, so if you’re tired of hearing that you have outdated this or overpriced that: pick up the phone and text or call 503-498-9999 to request a FREE consultation. I promise you I never judge anybody and I find the highest quality yet lowest priced suppliers around; even if that means making a trip to go pick them up!!!

Established Valentine’s Day, 2017.

Thousands of Happy Customers: and contact me for any references or portfolio images you may need in order to help you make the final decision to allow me the pleasure of helping you create that man cave he’s always asking for, or her perfect bathroom/laundry room or girl-world!!!!

After years of studying and practicing on unwitting family and friends- lol – I finally decided in 2017 on Valentine’s Day, that I needed to live my dream- of helping others discover theirs; at least their dream space. Sometimes a person knows they need a change…but are unsure of not only where or how to start: but what they would even do if they did know where or how to = enter Classy Designs. We can work side by side or you can send me off with your ideas and I can create a mock up using a digital program to email over to you the potentials, whichever…however…my services are guaranteed happiness : I won’t quit till you fall in love with your space again (or you tell me to leave? That’s never happened though!!)

Call Classy Designs today for all your interior design, decorating and organizational needs!!!!


Washington/Oregon only please!!!!!!!!

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